A Stranger Name Pai

Downtown Kissimmee has truly grown on me, it’s becoming my new favorite spot to hang and definitely the best place to meet interesting people. My latest blog post I wrote was “A Stranger Name Barry” which inspired me to go out to and interact with more interesting strangers.

So! Everyone meet Pai.


After I dropped my aunt and uncle at the train station I decided to take a nice walk with my camera at the park Lake Front. I noticed a mother with her two children flying a kite, I also noticed a small group of students in uniform admiring the monuments, but the person I noticed the most was this man doing Tai Chi. To those who don’t know me well enough I admire the Asian culture so much, from their styles of clothes, to their amazing marital arts film and I have to admit I find the men very attractive.  

I didn’t want to disrupt the man as he was meditating but I just had to meet him, at least to get his consent to take his photo while he was meditating Tai Chi. Then my moment came to speak with him, I  went up to him worried I would get rejected to take his photos. I then introduced myself and told him “I admire your style and if it was alright with him to take some photos for my blog site?” Surprisingly he said “yes.” Then one thing lead to another we ended up talking about traveling, what it was like  growing up and he even showed me some of his pictures of the places he traveled to. 

 At a young age he was diagnosed with asthma that was so bad the doctors encourage him to stay physically active. Then he began Tai Chi at the age of 9 and fell in love with it, even years after his asthma was gone he continued to practice this form of martial arts. He stated he had lost his sister who battled a long time with drugs and his mother due to a stroke. Which encouraged him to continued practicing Tai Chi and to live a healthy life style. 


Author: Minette Norgaisse

Hello my lovely readers, I guess I should do a quick bio about me. Well, for one I am not your average woman I make living Holy look fun. Yes! I am a believer but, I AM NOT PERFECT nor do I pretend to be. I love my city Kissimmee, Florida was raised here all my life I rep it like I do with my nationality, Haitian-American. Don't like long walks on the beach because Florida is too hot and the birds here are mean, but, I enjoy watching the sunrise on my rooftop. My two favorite things that God created are the Moon and Stars, notice I didn't say humans? I am totally kidding, my love for people is deeper than my dimples. I have many passions one of them is doing missionary work, I enjoy the company of people from different cultures; I also admire photographing nature places I've traveled too and priceless moments. On July 28, 1992 was the best day that ever happens to my mother that is why she named me after her, Myriam Norgaisse. Thanks mother now I have to live the rest of my life getting our mail mixed up. Well, that was somewhat of a short bio. Enjoy my blog & more. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel at YouTube.com/c/GoldenMinettesWorld Keep Up With The Golden Life Instagram.com/GoldenMinette Twitter.com/GoldenMinette Facebook.com/GoldenMinette STAY GOLDEN!!!

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