Friday The 13, The Time I Got Into My First Car Accident. 

Just another rainy day in Florida, my sister and I were quite disappointed as we were leaving Subway with our sandwiches; we had planned to record a new dance video but the weather ruined our plans. As we were heading home, I had passed through a green light, but ahead there was some traffic. I put my right foot on the brakes to slow down but my brakes had failed me, the ground was wet and my vehicle slid into the back of a small white hatchback. BOOM! I did everything in my power to stop my car from damaging the other person’s vehicle, I even attempted to direct my four wheels to the right side of the road which would eventually lead me into the grass or anywhere else, but my steering wheel was so stiff I had no control.

I’ve always been uncomfortable to drive small cars mainly because I feared for my life if I would ever get into a car crash. I told my mother I wanted my first car to be a Jeep, and so I got something similar to what I wanted, a Nissan Pathfinder. As I stepped out of my Nissan walking in the rain to approach the car from the passenger side, I knocked on the window to see if they were alright. Seeing the victim crying as if her life was about to be taken away, I had many negative thoughts running through my mind; as I watched this woman holding her head, her elbow and just touching several parts of her body, I said, “Ma’am, are you alright?”. She  was struggling to respond because she was busy crying. 

As I walk back to my car and saw the damage that was done, I didn’t realize how bad her car was, parts of her back glass window was all over my hood but all you could see on my car was a small dent in the front. I sat behind my wheels and started to cry, I’ve never been in an accident where I was the driver I just started to panic and cursed. Yes! I know I am a christian and I shouldn’t have cursed, which I don’t even do on a normal basis but I am human with a lot of emotions and this is not how I wanted to start off my new year. Thank God for my sister by my side who had everything under control, even went to speak to the woman to see if everything was alright and if she could help. 

Moments passed I was asked to move my car to the side and park in the parking lot of the prison. Yup! That’s right, I got into my first accident in front of a prison, but it gets better the woman I hit was a correctional officer. My life couldn’t get any better than this. As I waited for the cop to show up, the woman approached my car asking me if I was alright, I was in shock, I expected this woman to be rude and started to cry again, explaining to her this is my first accident but I was alright. She said she was alright as well, but her knee was in pain, she told me to relax and everything is going to be okay.

Disappointed in myself for judging this woman and the situation that I was in so quickly. Every negative thought in my mind was unnecessary. I even assumed the worst with the cop that came to questioned us. Society and the media really made me paranoid, I assume since I’m a black woman and I hit a white cop and it was a white cop who questioned us I was going to be in a whole lot of trouble. The situation was over before I knew it.  As I sat in my car waiting for my parents to come pick us up, the woman approached my vehicle once more.

“Are you waiting for someone to pick you up?” she said in a concerned way.

“Yes! I am waiting for my parents to pick me up, I don’t feel comfortable driving”   

“Okay good, it’s unfortunate that we had to meet like this”  

“Yeah, my name is Mimi by the way”

“I’m Debbie, I was just concerned because that’s how I lost my only son 4 years ago in a car crash”

“Wow, I am so sorry for your lost”.

 As I sit here writing this incident that happened Friday evening, I realize one thing. I worried about the things I had no control over, I cried and had these negative thoughts, I cursed and wanted to blame someone. What did I gain from these reactions? NOTHING. It’s all a waste of emotions. Worrying won’t change my past, my future and it certainly won’t help my current circumstances. The only thing you get from worrying is less faith and probably wrinkles on your face. It is better to be concerned than to worry because you are fully aware of the situation yet you know you have no control of it.  

2017 will probably be another dreadful year for me as the last two years of my life was, but I refuse to sit around and worry about it. I will do my best to live my life like it’s GOLDEN.


Author: Minette Norgaisse

Hello my lovely readers, I guess I should do a quick bio about me. Well, for one I am not your average woman I make living Holy look fun. Yes! I am a believer but, I AM NOT PERFECT nor do I pretend to be. I love my city Kissimmee, Florida was raised here all my life I rep it like I do with my nationality, Haitian-American. Don't like long walks on the beach because Florida is too hot and the birds here are mean, but, I enjoy watching the sunrise on my rooftop. My two favorite things that God created are the Moon and Stars, notice I didn't say humans? I am totally kidding, my love for people is deeper than my dimples. I have many passions one of them is doing missionary work, I enjoy the company of people from different cultures; I also admire photographing nature places I've traveled too and priceless moments. On July 28, 1992 was the best day that ever happens to my mother that is why she named me after her, Myriam Norgaisse. Thanks mother now I have to live the rest of my life getting our mail mixed up. Well, that was somewhat of a short bio. Enjoy my blog & more. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel at Keep Up With The Golden Life STAY GOLDEN!!!

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